Monday, February 06, 2012

Modern Ruined, Thick and Wordy

Top Left: The Past Is So Hot Right Now,(Richard Patterson) Right: The Past is So Not Right Now.Next Left: Hey, What Are You Gonna Do With That? (Shelby Meier) Right: Well I Was Thinking I'd Get A Shit Ton Of Beach Balls... Next Top: Ordinary (Cameron Schoepp) Bottom: Fancy. Next Left: Garden View (Terri Thornton) Right: Mushroom Garden View, Next Left: Rubbings (Annette Lawrence) Right: Scrubbings. Next Left: Stuff (Tim Best) Right: Stuffed. Bottom Left: It Only Hurts For A Little While (Kerry Pacillio) Right: It Hurts Me All The Time(Artsmarter) In quick response to the monumental Fort Worth exhibit titled “modern ruin II”. It surveys and improves important works of art at that show and is the debut exhibit by patron, curator, auctioneer, turned artist, Frank Artsmarter. “On November 5, 2011, some artists gathered for a show titled ‘modern ruin’. This is what happened afterwards."

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