Art Depreciation 1301: Art before and after culture

I've just begun reading Homo Ludens by Johan Huizinga, and it makes me laugh. It refers to the study of the play element of culture. Homo Ludens (man the player, or playing man) is a necessary part of what I do. Huizinga implies (so far), that maybe I can't help it. Art is so damn funny. In Art Depreciation I'm exploring the fuzzy border between art and pop culture. The use of the Wheel of Fortune category "before and after" seems perfect as a device to reconstruct art from its cultural adjacent. The names of artists are combined with pop Icons and works like Matthew + Barney are created. Below from left to right: Samuel L. Jackson Pollock, L'il Wayne Thiebaud, Anselm kiefer Sutherland, Steely Dan Flavin and Carl Andre the Giant.


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