The Trial of Charles Taylor

This current body of work, Microaudiotellarevolution: From the PRC to the TRC, is neither a documentary nor a narrative of events, but rather a template placed over war and conflict everywhere.

The structure of Microaudiotellarevolution is based on the use of technology in representation, and in this context, the use of media technology in war and conflict. In his Philosophy of Photography, Vilem Flusser talks about degrees of abstraction from a photograph to the object, suggesting the absence of a true evaluation of the role the machine plays in translation from object to image. The way I use technology here is counterintuitive to function, and I believe that the circumventing of technological function in this way emphasizes the fallacy of techno-representation. It is also a commentary I think, on how we view conflict and war. We experience it on television and other media, not in direct proximity.

In conclusion, this work, I think is not only about the tragedy of war and conflict, but a certain futility in translating such experiences into a visual equivalence. This built in fallacy is perhaps a revelation of how we can separate events from objects and create new experiences informed by both.


Ryder said…
This is really great chris! Smart.

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