Time Machine Beta

The Czec philosopher Vilem Flusser in his 'philosophy of photography' talks about the ability of the camera to manipulate space and time. Space (depth of field) is controlled by the aperture of the lens and manipulates the distance between objects and the camera. Time (length of exposure) is manipulated by the camera shutter. In essence the camera is a time machine.

The purpose of my time machine is to explore(conceptual)space/time through mechanical means,in the same way that I see the camera as a machine that manipulates this concept of space/time.Images of 'subjects' taking trips through time move the experience through these manifestations of space. Time trave is both a conceptual and a virtual space. When we reference the idea past, we go to a certain space, to a certain time. When we experience present, we refrence the space called "here and now". But this space is itself instantly transformed. It doesn't remain the here and now.

When the session begins, one of the possibilities is that there is a focus on the present , the contemplation of the past and the zero reference of the future. Zero reference being an non specific destination that transforms even as it is referenced.

In much the same way as the camera does, the time machine manipulates space/time by referencing the past present and future through typed in and dialed choices. Where would you like to go? What experiences would you like to revisit, or create? These same questions are asked by the Camera and most of our choices with both machines are the same.


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