The History of Photography , continued...

I participated in a group show on September 8th in Fort Worth at the Warehouse Gallery. I Installed 3 pieces in the show that relate to my ongoing "History of Photography" works. This piece, Composition With Window, is my response to the Visual window (Alberti,Davinci, etc.). I redefine the space by recomposing images outside the window and using the space as subject rather than as a framing device for the object.

In "Self Portrait as a house" I re-imagine the photgraph as a tool of memory and of meaning. I enjoy using elements like Windows, screens, doors, etc. I can relate these elements as metaphors or as a literal reconstruction of myself through photographs. Photographs of course have no meaning beyond reconstruction in our minds. I mean the scene depicted is no more related to the actual scene than the paper in your hand is related to where the image was first constructed. It is through our learned visual references that we reconstruct a scene based on a photograph. My argument is then, why not fuck with the meaning of the photograph by REconstructing it in a lego's kind of way, to emphasize the non specific nature of photography?

In my final piece " The Camera VS. The photograph" I declare victory for the camera by overpowering the image with a really large camera. The camera is a mechanical "co-pilot" to the photographer. However photographers relish distancing themselves from the device, as if to say, " this is a mere tool and all this work, this composition and this beautiful scene, is all my doing. Bullshit.


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