The History of Photography continued...

These images are from an Installation at Studio 817 in Fort Worth,March 2007. It is a continuation of the History of Photography series of installations that explores the camera and the process of image making as a serious counterpoint in the dialogue of photographic meaning.

We often look at the image and the photographer seperately from the machine when discussing the meaning of a photograph. But I've come to recognize the integral nature of the machine in image making and investigate that link through this series of installations.

There is a stack of encyclopedae precariously positioned on the floor of the gallery with a compact flash card from a digital camera suspended above it. The top encyclopedia is opened to a page about the camera and suggests a link between the text, the technology and the camera.

The other installation piece is a slide projector that projects an image from a previous installation onto a camera and book titled "Text Photo Text". The book ocillates on a turntable and there are photo strips suspended above the assembly. As the light from the projector hits the book, the resulting image flicker on the projection screen 4 ft. in front of the assembly.The flicker and the elements of flash, pictures, text and revolving motion delves into the connection of the mechanics and the photograph.


Molly said…
These are really incredible, especially the turntable/projector piece. The motion captured in the second shot really lends to the description you gave. I wish I could have seen it in person.

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