The Willie Lynch Letters:Installation

The Willie Lynch Letters: installation is a collection of four panels I created for a stage production of the same name. The panels were an assemblage of found advertising posters, Plexiglas, Polaroid prints, text, black masking tape, rope, wire and photo frames.

This is my first collaboration with a theater company, creating work specifically for the stage. My approach to the installation was to reflect on the word lynch, and build the panels around that theme. Each panel had an identical advertising poster that was used as the backdrop.

The thesis of this installation, if you will, is to coerce the addressees (audience) into the space. The scale of the panels, the poignancy of the images, all suggest an attempt to unsettle and overwhelm the addressee and to invade the 4th wall of theater. Having done that, the experience is more intravenous and the feed into concepts is more direct.


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