How I continue to save photography from itself

So, what's new in your studio, Christopher?

Well, I gave myself an impossible deadline to make something for an art auction (EASL). I looked around the studio and decided to continue exploring the impact of the camera on image making, and the overlooked symbiosys of camera and image.

Vilem Flusser, a poet and philosopher, wrote extensively about communication and photography, and his ideas are infused in what i make.
His philosophy on photography is that photographs are Technical Images, made by a machine(apparatus) which itself is based on Text (technical writing), and text is an abstraction of images (pre-historic) that are abstracted from the real 3d world. As such, it's important to examine the role (function) of the camera in image making so that we become programmers, rather than mere functionaries of the photographic program.

In my exploration of these theories and philosophies, I'm reprograming the camera by sort of pushing the images back through the lens to the other side to see what comes out. I am unphotographing the concept photography and just fuckin with it and having a blast. It's still photography, but reprogrammed. More later.


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