Monday, November 25, 2013

The Artist's Commission

State of the Arts at the Dallas Museum of Art

♦ Contemporary Artists
Oct. 10, 2013  | Listen (1 hr. 9 min)
C Blay - SOA 10.10J Engelstad - SOA 10.10.13dma_544250
Christopher Blay, Artist; instructional assistant and curator, The Art Corridor Galleries
Janeil Engelstad, Artist; founder, Make Art With Purpose (MAP)
Stephen Lapthisophon, Artist; visiting assistant professor of drawing, University of Texas-Arlington

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Keller Oral History project is a continuation of my oral history projects for Tarrant County that began with the Northeast Arts Council's funded Haltom City Stories Project, and will continue next year to cities in North Tarrant. The idea developed after I spent a couple of years working on a project for the Fort Worth Public Library. I was given access to the Library's archives to come up with an exhibit, and there, I discovered volumes of cassette tapes retelling the history of the city and of families. I am also inspired by the Story Corp project, a national oral history initiative. I was fortunate to work with a small, but diverse group of Keller residents and hope to continue the project in the future.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Group f.8: Deserts, Seas and Journeys

It's become difficult to completely summarize my relationship to photography, but it's helpful when I make things that help me to understand it better. For the exhibit "Group f.8:Deserts, Seas and Journeys", I made a series of 'Antigraphs'. I used the properties of the latent image to make sense of the fully formed image. What appears as an abstraction is in fact a fully realized counterpart to the 'real'. The image generated went through the prescribed process of loading film into a Polaroid camera, focusing on a subject, depressing a shutter, and pulling the print from the camera.

Monday, May 06, 2013


"VELVEASL! Deep in the heart of velvet" from Christopher Blay on Vimeo.

Frank Artsmarter awoke from a cryptic and mysterious dream and was instructed to convince 20 artists to create velvet paintings. What ensued was a harebrained scheme of sly, cunning rapprochement to involve these unwitting souls in yet another test of patience and endurance.

VELVEASL! was a one night only exhibit at the William Campbell Contemporary Art Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas that ended in an auction benefiting the Emergency Artist Support League, EASL.
Participants included Calvin Abucejo, Greg Bahr, Carol Benson, Christopher Blay, Rachel Bounds, Ann Ekstrom, Billy Hassell, John Hartley, Jesse Sierra Hernandez, Benito Huerta, Carol Ivey, Angela Kallus, Brian Scott, Lorrie McClanahan, Elaine Taylor, Nancy Lamb, James Lassen, Ray Liberio, Devon Nowlin,Harmony Padgett and Riley Padgett.

 Hosted by IRA Black of Christopher Public "bro"casting radio(CPR). There's a video, in 5 acts, is VELVEASL!: Deep in the heart of velvet. Music by Justin Sherburn of Montopolis and Okkerville River.